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söndag 11 februari 2018

An old Ess-cornet or maybe an E-cornet?

Hi Rolf, Thanks for sending this photo. I assume that your grandfather (and great-grandfather?) played this cornet in Sweden. It is very typical of this model Eb cornet, except that the third valve crook has been extended from 1 1/2 step to 2 steps, as was preferred in Sweden. Do you have any information about when this was imported: when new or later? It was likely made in the 1870s, but could be as late as the mid-1880s. I can't give you an accurate value, but likely between $1000 and $2000 in the US in that condition. It certainly has much more family and historical value as a rare import to Sweden. Sincerely, Robb Stewart Brass Instruments 626-447-1904 140 E. Santa Clara St. #18 Arcadia, CA 91006
Here is the other side of the cornet: